Windy Blossoms Cinemagraph

Calgary Clothing Company

Cherry Blossoms

Love cinemagraphs? Same here. The process can be done in different ways, but basically, a photograph is given a subtle, slight motion in only one spot, as the rest remains completely motionless.

This photograph of cherry blossoms was edited by cutting one section of the branches & creating motion to look like the wind was playing with it.

Orro Jewellery Private Collection

Eye Catching Rings

The client wanted sparkly & eye catching from flat photos.

Diamonds sparkle, so light reflections were added, along with some particle effects.

Jewellery Ring Cinemagraph
Man with Escalade

Instagram Profile

Man with an Escalade

The client asked for quick but effective.

The photo was edited in photoshop & after effects, the background was removed, the car was processed & the man was made to subtly move.

Foodie Blog

Steaming Pizza

The client wanted this photo of pizza made to look steamy.

Now I want some piping hot pizza.

Pizza Steaming Cinemagraph

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